I am a Certified Professional Scrum Master / Project Manager.

I am an experienced full stack web developer with Agile Team Leader experience. I have a deep understanding of the Software Development process.

My specialty is developing innovative cross technology solutions while staying focused on the needs of the end customer and the business. I have also had success with growing the capabilities of multi skilled teams to deliver complex web based applications that perform as required in a timely manner with happy and informed Product Owners and Stakeholders.

I am an accomplished and fluent communicator and a certified Scrum Master with strong investigation, problem-solving and decision-making skills, combined with a pragmatic approach and sound business acumen.

While my background and first love was in Software Engineering, I have found my niche managing projects and people in an Agile environment, while maintaining a very much hands on approach with the software codebase.

My diverse experience covers Waterfall, Agile Methodologies, PHP, ASP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, CSS-3, HTML5, XML, MS SQLServer and NoSQL.

I have worked in both small and large companies and a variety of industries including manufacture, ISP, health, travel, news and marketing.