I am a experienced and talented front-end developer.

I first started developing in JavaScript in 1999 while working at Reuters.

I was fascinated by having to script cross-browser for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

This lead to me becoming a Web Developer and I have been crafting HTML, CSS and JavaScript solutions for the past 20 years.

I developed my own cross-browser JavaScript libraries and have worked with Ext, MooTools, Prototype and but now mostly use jQuery.

I have done a lot of work with third party APIs including Google Maps and Google Visualization.

I have developed Single Page Applications (SPA) and utilised AJAX where appropriate.

I am passionate about front-end development and have staid myself up to date with Angular.js, Ember.js etc.

I have have piratical experience developing with HTML5, CSS-3, Foundation Framework and Bootstrap.

Although not a Web Designer I have basic image processing skill using Photoshop and Fireworks.