Here are some recommendations about my work that people have been kind enough to give me.

Iain and I worked together on a number of successful projects.

Iain's experience in a number of varied industries and his ability to adapt to different technologies and developmental environments allows him to become a valuable and reliable resource very quickly.

Iain works equally well independently with little to no supervision or in larger project teams.

I would recommend Iain for any role he puts his name up for.

Tim Bland, Senior Systems Analyst, The AOT Group

I worked with Iain in the eCommerce team at the AOT Group for approximately 5 years. During this time Iain worked as the lead developer and system architect.

Iain's in depth knowledge of a large number of software languages and technical concepts allows him to be able to identify solutions and opportunities within very complex system environments.

Within Iain's leadership role he was also one of the key authors of the teams SDLC policies which have become the backbone of the teams workflow.

Iain is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset on any development team.

Anthoney Woodyard, General Manager - Distribution Systems, The AOT Group

It has not only been a pleasure working with you, but I can safely say that you would be an important asset to any business after a dependable, skilful and adoptable programmer, with managemnet expertise where required.

Darren Earny, Business Development and Operations Director, JPC Infonet

Whilst at TigerRedi we looked high and low for a developer that had real creative flair and imagination.

When Iain was recommend to us we jumped at the chance to bring him in to our team.

Iain works very hard and is a mind of technical knowledge!

Iain worked on accounts and build sites and applications for Honda, Kia Cars and Proton to name a few at TigerRedi with much enthusiasm.

I would'nt hesitate to recommend Iain to any potential recruitment opportunity, we all certainly enjoyed working with Iain.

Kevin Haynes, Director, TigerRedi

I have worked with many developers in the past but none have shown the ability as Iain has to build sites completely cross platform and to show honest creative thinking within a technical enviroment.

This in turn gave great confidence as a Creative Director to guarantee the right results for our clients.

Iain gave nothing but 100% in commitment and was a total team player never hesitating to help out in areas well outside of his role's remit.

He was the engine within the business, a valued and well liked member of the team and I would not hesitate to recommend him to a future employer.

Ben Saul, Creative Director, TigerRedi

Mr. White has been responsible for the development and implementation of our Airbus Computing Engineering System (ACES) which is a user friendly operating environment giving controlled, simple access to the various CAD / CAM applications and management of their data: PANOPLIE - Nesting System, ANVIL - BAe 3D CAD / CAM System, PPAS - Part Program Admin. System, Post Processing - Various NC post processors, Tape Punching - NC Tape Punching and Verification, TTPS - Tape Time Prediction System, File transfer - IBM to VAX.

Mr. White has also been responsible for the first implementation of Distributed Numerical Control (DNC) to a CNC Router. This is the foundation for a full DNC implementation to our Machining Facility.

Mr. White has a thorough knowledge of the engineering requirements which has led to a high standard of developed software now in full time production use.

Mr. White is punctual, his attendance is good, and he is a competent and respected member of Technical Systems Development.

Ray F. Levett, Manager, Technical Systems Development, Airbus Computing