Dedicated Hosting Packages

Dedicated Hosting Packages from White Internet Hosting.

US Dedicated

With our US dedicated, you can solve any website performance-related issues. Choosing a dependable US-based data center for your North America-oriented websites is essential for reaching greater performance levels. That is the reason why we work with a top-class data center facility situated in downtown Chicago, IL. This cooperation ensures that all our hosting customers will enjoy much faster web page loading times. Our dedicated hosting packages include a charge-free hosting Control Panel, a bouquet of Linux distros, and multiple value-added bonuses.

UK Dedicated

The UK dedicated service is the most powerful type of hosting service available. It permits you to host any type of site or web app. Nevertheless, this fact alone cannot ensure the unproblematic performance of your site. The physical location of the UK dedicated server is of primary importance too. If your server is physically located in the United Kingdom, visitors from England, and from Europe in general, will enjoy much faster page loading times. That is the reason why we work with a data center located several kilometers north-west of London. This datacenter facility is the ideal solution for you if your Internet presence will be targeted at visitors from the UK, the rest of Europe, or Africa.


Our semi-dedicated hosting packages will meet the always expanding server resource requirements of your traffic-hungry websites like corporate portals, online stores, forums, company blogs, etc. Don’t worry about slowly loading pages and many site downtimes caused by server overload issues.
Your semi-dedicated hosting server is loaded with all the features usually limited to a shared hosting package, such as a modern Control Panel, a Web Apps Installer, a Website Installer, free website templates, just to name some.

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White Internet Hosting also offers Shared Hosting and Virtual Private Server Hosting Packages.

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