IT Consulting & Training from Iain White

It’s good to talk!

I’m available to provide both in-house and remote (via over Skype, Zoom or WhereBy.) consulting and training.

I can help you with your Digital Strategy, review your existing website, conduct a security or Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) report.  I am a certified Professional Scrum Master with practical experience working as an Agile Project Manager and can help train your people on how to get the most out of Agile processes.


Consultancy can be as simple as asking my advice on how to get your business online, how to pick a domain name or get feedback on your existing website or digital marketing. A consultation will always result in a report detailing findings and providing suggestion based on my years of experience.


Training is provided one on one or in a classroom-style environment.  The format will be that of a lecture and/or question and answer session. Training can be on a variety of topics such as how to update your current website, the software development process, hiring developers, managing development teams and the Scrum process.

My Fees

My fee for in-house training in the Brisbane area is $90/hour or part thereof. If you wish to engage me for in-house training and you are not ner Brisbane please contact me for an individual price. I charge a reduced rate of $75/hour or part thereof for remote teleconferencing.  Please note that the minimum time for in-house visits is 2 hours if near to Brisbane CBD and 4 hours outside of that area.

Please note that if I build a website for you, and you do not purchase a maintenance plan, that I will provide 1 hour of free training to show you how to maintain your new site.

Some of the services I offer:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Existing Website Review
  • Existing Website SEO Report
  • Existing Website Security Report
  • CMS Training
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