For a small business or start-up this can be as simple as creating a Facebook page or using a Site Builder such as Wix or Squarespace.  As your business grows you will want to look at getting a professionally built website.


What do you need to have a website?

  • A domain name, this is the address where to find your website.
  • Web Hosting, this is the computer that serves your site to the Internet and the disk-space where it is stored.
  • Images, the visual part of your site.
  • Content, the words that describe the story you wish to communicate to your clients.
  • Front-end code, the HTML, CSS, JavaScript that shows your site.
  • Back-end code, PHP, database used to configure and run your site.
  • Page load speed, to provide a usable experience to visitors.
  • Search Engine Optimisation, to make it easy for client to find your site.
  • Keeping the content fresh with monthly updates.
  • Call to action buttons, to connect you with potential clients.
  • A security certificate, to allow visitors to trust your site.
  • Visitor Analytics, to monitore how visitors are using your site.
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